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" I love beauty and art in all its many forms"

I have loved, collected and been fascinated with natural stones and crystals for many years. Their natural beauty and radiance held me captive for hours on end. I found their vibration soothed my soul and I found comfort just being around them. I began to learn how we can elevate ourselves and learn and grow as spiritual beings by their very presence. Whether by simply being around them, holding them or wearing these crystals designed in jewelry. I believe they have much to teach us and can help to heal us and the world we live in.   

Now, in my Studio in the Los Angeles Area, I create beautiful objects of art with these crystals and gem stones to wear and share with those who are drawn to them and are open and receptive to receiving their energies. Crystals want to share all they hold within themselves with us, for the betterment of this world and the way we live in it with each other. With this in mind as my intention, I am creating gifts of joy, peace and love to share with those who are called to celebrate the magic each unique piece has to offer, "God’s Gifts to us from the natural world".

I am proud and happy to announce an additional career chapter in my life. I launched Roxanne Reichbach Artisan Jewelry Designs in 2011 and I have designed several collections. My Original One of a Kind and Limited Edition Collections are entitled,

“Love Is In The Earth”



I hope you will enjoy these peaces of art and will find something that calls to your heart and soul, for yourself or a loved one.

May you be inspired if nothing else by the very beauty of nature.

Roxanne Reichbach

Jewelry Designer

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